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Personalised Diet Plans which would take into account basic factors like age, sex, weight to more advanced considerations.

Intelligent Training System which would be capable of recommending workouts based on experience, goals, injuries etc.

Podcast with voice modulator is under development which would enable people to express anonymously and connect.

Fitness social network where people can make friends by attending/ competing in various offline/online events and seminars.

Our Transformation Process

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  • 1st

    Evaluate/ Research

    1st Day of the plan

    Understand you, your goal, your body conditions, your daily schedules, your eating habits, your food choices, food allergies, medical issues and your previous attempts (if any)

  • 2nd

    Design/ Develop

    1st week of the plan

    After evaluation and research, Your first diet and workout plan will be created. You can directly contact your trainer and ask for as many change as you want.

  • 3rd

    Review Progress

    Every week till program duration

    Every week, A review call will be done by trainer and a new plan will be provided based on last week's progress. A complete diet or workout strategy may also be changed.

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Our JS 2018 Superstarts

The trio lost 50 Kgs weight together.

If there is one attribute of the body which immediately grabs eye balls it has to be a visible 6 pack. Both sexes drool over it. However the path to getting 6 pack lean is really littered with a lot of confusion ranging from steroids to dangerous fat burners. Manpreet in the course of Jumpstart 2018 will demonstrate how a solid nutrition and training program are the only things anybody will need to crave a killer 6 pack. He is a carpenter by profession and is very passionate about bodybuilding.
— Manpreet Pal, Carpenter
A Housewife is instrumental in running a home. She plays the all important roles of a wife and a mother. The expectations from these roles are huge. The health and fitness levels of a housewife often take a beating. Shweta Sarv Chauhan is taking the Jumpstart 2018 challenge to inspire all the over worked housewives. She will demonstrate how being smart about nutrition and using some creative home workouts every housewife can get in shape.
— Shweta Chauhan, Home Maker
Obesity is the root cause of a multitude of health problems. This is also one of the biggest causes of low self esteem. Most of the times people are looking for a single magical food item which would trim them overnight. Mayank is a businessman and is over weight. He has tried to do everything he could possibly do but unfortunately havenít succeded. With Jumpstart 2018 Mayank will be serve as an inspiration to all the people who have lost hope of losing weight.
— Mayank Goyal, Businessman

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