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5 Step Push-Up Tutorial | Head-to-Toe Push-Up Technique
ByAnurag Sharma on
Apr 22, 2018

Push up is one of the most popular exercises on the planet. However it is also one of the most wrongly executed movements.

To execute a proper push up keep these pointers in mind.

1. Toe positioning

Push up is visualized as a linear motion. On the contrary it is a rotational motion. The axis of this rotation are your toes. So toes should be kept tall and rigid.

2. Core and Glutes

Anterior pelvic tilt and posterior pelvic tilt should be avoided. The core should be kept tight. A tight core would ensure tight glutes. This would ensure a neutral spine.

3. Retract shoulder blades

The shoulder blades should be in a retracted position. This would ensure optimal shoulder health.

4. Shoulder and elbow positioning

The aerial view of the set should look like an arrow and not like a “T” as illustrated below.


5. Head positioning

The head should be in line with your spine.


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